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Our Story

Creating Goodness

Before Boosa & Co. there was just me and Boosa.
I’d just rescued her from a shelter, and she was in really bad shape.

No matter what I fed her, nothing helped. And then my gut (and a whole lot of research) told me there is something seriously wrong with industrial dog food.

I got into natural foods. The results on Boosa were beyond amazing, I quit my high-paying tech job and knew I had found a deeper purpose to my life.

Spreading Goodness

But even after finding out what was good for Boosa, cooking it was a whole different story.

It took a big chunk out of my daily schedule and I realized that most people just don’t have that precious resource, not to mention limited freezer space — so they’ll continue sacrificing quality for convenience.

I needed to find a way to make natural food easy, accessible and scalable.

Developing Goodness

So… I partnered with a classically trained but forward-thinking vet and a well known chef and we got cookin’. We had only one rule. If we wouldn’t eat it, we wouldn’t feed it.

We tried and tested endless recipes. Boosa became the luckiest and happiest dog ever, guiding us towards the winning formulas that would eventually become our core Boosa & Co. meals (and line of treats we’re working on).

We also cracked the code for tailoring just the right quantities based on different dog types, ages and sizes as well as figuring out a natural way to lock in all that nutritional goodness and freshness.

Our Values

100% Natural

Using only natural ingredients

Fully transparent

What you see is what you get.

Clear, no-nonsense labels

Convenient & Mindful

Kitchen-to-Door Service

Tailored meals for your dog

Who let the dogs out?

Now that we had a great product came the moment of truth. We hit the dog parks every day and let the dogs themselves decide if Boosa was a big grrr or just a meh…

“I have to admit that natural food is something I avoided for a long time because I didn't want to deal with the meat and the smell. Boosa surprised me with the most convenient and practical packaging available, and it also doesn't smell! As for the food itself, the dogs went crazy over it! The smell in their mouths really disappeared and the poop had no smell either, most recommended in the world”


“Max eats Boosa's food eagerly and his stools are good 😊 I enjoy seeing the level of processing of the food - it's great that you can see small pieces of the vegetables and fruits in it!”


“First time trying natural nutrition! The food is much tastier, healthier and more nutritious. Their fur became softer, pleasant and shiny! Also great for wet feeding toys! And the best thing is that you don't need a freezer!!”